Thursday, March 28, 2013

What are the benefits of blogging?

blogging benefits
If you are already maintaining a web site, having a blog can add to, or enhance, your existing web presence. The ability to provide your customers, and readers, with fresh content on a daily, or weekly basis can keep your business running even during lean months. Blogging is also a great way for small business owners, with little web design knowledge, and small budgets to establish a professional, attractive, web presence. Many designers charge much less for a completely customized blog design and installation than they would charge for complete, traditional, html or flash website design.

When blogging first began becoming popular among businesses I was slow to notice the change. It seemed to me as though more and more of my competitors were shutting down their traditional websites and replacing them with well designed blogs. Other competitors kept their existing websites up, but added links to their websites that sent surfers to there companies newly created blogs. I decided to start learning more about blogging, but I didn’t want to change my entire website format until I was sure blogging was right for me and my business.

I played around with a few different blogging platforms on a personal level trying to find out what all the fuss was about. I set up a small personal blog on Blogger and later a weight loss blog on Typepad. After trying out all of the major blogging platforms I realized that using a blog platform to power my site rather than the current html design could do wonders for my business. In addition to being able to make my blogs look, and feel, professional with little design knowledge, I was also able to easily add photo and text content to these personal blogs with no assistance. This was something I would never have been able to manage on my traditional site.

While any of these discovers would have inspired me to turn my existing site into a blog, the deciding factor for me was a confrontation with my website designer. I needed my site updated to promote an upcoming concert my business was affiliated with but the designer would not be available to complete the update until after the concert was over. I immediately began researching how to create my own blog on my own domain so that I would no longer be dependent on a web designer.
Being able to take charge of how, and when, information was posted on my new blog site immediately increased my sales, site traffic, and general interest in my domain. Clients no longer felt that the site would always contain the same, stale information. They knew that in order to catch my latest promotions they would have to subscribe to my blog or bookmark my site to return to it often in order to avoid missing anything important.
I invested a great deal of time in setting up my initial blog posts and interacting with my clients. In many cases my posts for the entire week were prepared by Monday and published on the blog at set intervals throughout the week. Each and every time someone commented on a blog post I did my best to respond to, or acknowledge these comments. Even if it was just to say ‘thank you for commenting’.

Allowing users to comment on your blog posts can increase your companies business and reputation tremendously. Many prospective clients make their decision to buy a product or use a service based solely on testimonials and reviews left by other customers. Since comments often offer feedback on your products and services, they can sometimes be more affective than the most expensive, well thought out, advertising campaigns.

These comments can also serve as an unofficial Frequently Asked Questions section. Often surfers are more likely to read the comments on posts that relate to a question or problem they may be experiencing than they are to visit your sites FAQ. By making it possible for clients to post comments publicly, and answering comments publicly, you might keep someone else from asking the same question. This will cut down on the amount of emails you have to answer and phone calls you might otherwise receive.

Also, answering these comments and communicating with the comment makers (saying thank you) shows readers and clients how you and your company treat customers.
I can not tell you how many times a client, or potential client, has posted a comment to one of my blogs telling me that they found an answer to a question they were planning to ask by reading comments left by other users. On a few occasions, clients of competitors have left comments saying that they were searching on the internet for a resolution to their own issue with another site, and found the answer thanks to my blog. This is extremely gratifying and tells me that my blog is providing more information than those of my competitors.

Please keep in mind that if you are allowing readers to comment on blog posts you need to take steps to monitor the content of these posts. While there is software available to help prevent comment spam there are always times when some spam will slip through the cracks. Manually monitoring comments will avoid embarrassing situations of inappropriate comments being published on your blogs.

If you are someone that has an existing site, establishing and maintaining a blog is going to drastically increase your traffic to that site. Many blog readers are attracted to a blog site by one, or more, posts on a specific subject. Once the reader is at that blog post they will more than likely explore other products and services they might not have otherwise shown an interest in. If there is a link to your previously established traditional site in your blog, chances are readers will visit that site as well which increases its traffic.

This also creates an opportunity for free publicity and advertising. Many blog readers are often trying to find news and content for their own blog site. Your existing traditional site might be just what they were looking for. There have been many times when I have been checking my backlinks and found out that the blog of one of my readers, or past clients, has a link to my blog promoting a certain interesting post or product.
Even if you do not have a specific product to sell, or message to spread, it doesn’t mean that you can’t earn revenue from blogging. Many profitable blog owners are those who started their blogs to use as a personal diary and began doing little things to earn income. First adding ads to the blog and then doing other things to capitalize on traffic and make a profit.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Step By Step guide how To Verify Your Paypal Account Using BDO Debit Card

Follow this step by step guide to verify your paypal Account Using BDO Debit Card.
 I will walk you through the process of verifying your Paypal Philippines account using a BDO ATM debit card. First of all you must have a BDO debit card. Don't have one? - Go to the nearest BDO Bank and apply.

Note: Make sure that the name and address reflected on your application form for ATM Debit Card is the same as the name and address you register on your PayPal account otherwise these instructions won't work!

Now that you have you PayPal account and BDO ATM Debit Card we're ready:

1. Enable internet banking feature in your BDO ATM Debit Card. Visit and sign-up for an account. After signing-up, print and sign the application form then submit it to any of BDO Branch. Wait a week or two for your application to be approved. Once approved, you will receive an email to notify you of your approval.

2. Login to your PayPal account and click "Get Verified"

3. Before you continue make sure you have at least 300Php on your BDO ATM Debit Card account as PayPal will deduct charges on your verification. Don't worry this amount will be reimbursed/transferred to your PayPal account.

4. Fill up the form asking for details about your Debit Card, then click continue. All information is on your card. Make sure that the name on your BDO Debit Card is the same as the name on your PayPal account or it won't work. After filling up the form and clicking continue, PayPal will ask you for your Expanded Use Number or 4 digit pin code. So leave it open and do step 5.

5. Log-in to your Online BDO Account. (The one you used for verification). Click on "My Portfolio" then "My Transaction" and set the preset date to "Last 7 Days". Look for a transaction like this POS W/D SV PP (5674 E 4xxxxxxxxx MC SGP 0xxxxxxxxxxx). Your 4-digit pin code or Expanded Use Number is the first four numbers after the "PP" in this example it's the numbers 5674.

6. Go back to your PayPal account. Enter the 4-digit pin code and hit verify or continue or enter and voila! You're now verified.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Easy Odds Review

 Easy Odds  is a new program that is getting very popular.  This may be one of the most profitable programs of this year.  You earn commissions very quickly in this program.  We have been paid daily and the program just launched a few days ago.
The cost to join Easy Odds is $11 ($13.50 with admin fees).  This cost should not be an issue.  You earn this $11 back on your very first sale.  A sale in Easy Odds is a referral commission. You do not need to worry about recruiting as we have created a Team Build where we find the referrals for you.
The Compensation Plan
The compensation plan in Easy Odds is different than any other model.   Each sale is based on an Odd or Even number.  Your first sale is an Odd number and the 2nd Sale is an Even number.  This continues for your Odd Sales (3,5,7,9,...) and Even Sales (4,6,8,10,...).
On each Odd Sale you earn a 100% commission.  A commission is the upgrade fee.  
On each Even Sale you earn 100% Infinity Coded Matching Bonuses for everything that your Even Sales earn on their Even Sales downline.
There is a twist...
The commission from your Even Sales is passed up to your sponsor.  You do not need to worry about losing commissions because you will earn commissions on your referral's Even Referrals.
You will be earning on your downline upgrades.  There are 10 upgrade levels earning from $11 to $5120 in commissions.  In order to earn a commission you need to be at the same level or higher as your downline.  If your downline is at a higher level than you, your commission will be passed up to your upline.
We have seen a lot of these passup commissions.  It is best to always upgrade ahead of your downline at all times.  This way you will never lose a commission. in Easy Odds.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Expert author Obstacles

Follow the Article Writing Signs
Anyone will tell you: Success is not an overnight endeavor.
When you're traveling across country, in unfamiliar territory, you watch for road signs to help you navigate to your destination. "Exit 181" may not seem like much, but it's a milestone in your journey - you're almost there.
Article writing has these signs too; however, they aren't your typical roadmaps or highway markers. If they were, these milestones would likely include signs like "Patience at Next Right" to remind you that success often requires endurance. If you find yourself searching for a sign to help you navigate out of writing stale content, "Detour Ahead to Avoid Repetitive Content" is just on the horizon.
We've gathered the top 3 obstacles our most successful Expert Authors have met and will share how they overcame those obstacles to reach their destination: Success.
Slippery When Complacent
Whether it's lack of time or loss of momentum, complacency may settle in. This may include a lack of proofreading, not fact-checking, and using disreputable shortcuts. The attitude of "Meh, it's good enough," is the number 1 credibility and success killer. You don't need to write earth-shattering content that could win a Nobel Prize, but you should enjoy what you do - readers can sense it.
Strive to be engaged. Find those areas of your niche that you are passionate about or fascinate you. Stay up-to-date and maintain your authority in your niche by getting involved: Dig deeper into issues to find the truth, kindle discussion with peers in your niche, and ask your audience questions. Continue building on your experience and cultivate more unique insight. If you're engaged, your readers will be too.
Patience at Next Right
Having patience can be tough. Everyone would like success immediately; however, it rarely works that way. A musician practices. An athlete trains. An author writes. The best way to build your credibility platform and amplify your exposure is to keep writing and keep developing those article writing skills to reach and engage your audience.
Set aside time to write and then dedicate your full attention to the task to maximize your time. Organize your ideas and then begin. Your style and skills are a work in progress - keep refining, keep building, and keep up your momentum. Have patience with your success - it's just around the corner.
Audience Crossing
Are your articles relevant to your audience? Writing articles irrelevant to readers is like barreling through a pedestrian crosswalk.
Ask yourself: "So what?" with each article. Every one of your articles should matter and influence someone else positively. Leave your ego at the door and reread what you've written to consider how your audience will approach the topic.
Also, consider the keywords you are using. For instance, "write an article" has less competition than "writing articles," but they both have the same search rank. If I use "write an article," I have a better shot at actually reaching readers. Incorporate keywords naturally, so your articles read fluidly and reach your audience.
Derivative Roundabout Ahead
If you find yourself writing and rewriting the same topic, your readers will view you as a one trick pony, i.e. you're only knowledgeable on one topic.
Overcome this by expanding your niche and then discovering what information your audience wants. Approach topics from different angles and consider exploring areas you've always been curious about to expand your expertise. Either way, you will discover you have a lot more to say than you initially thought.
Broaden your horizons by broadening your niche and then narrow down areas of your niche in your articles to target specific segments of your audience. Keep up with your reader's interests! Write fresh articles based on new events in your niche to keep your articles relevant to your readers.
As you round your next turn in your article writing efforts, remember this: You can't say you're an expert on horses just because you've rode a horse once. Success takes practice, development, and respect for yourself and your audience. Use these tips next time you're feeling a little complacent, losing patience, letting your ego lead, or find yourself stuck in a topic. Leave these obstacles in the dust and get on the road to success.

Aussie Gold Matrix Review

 Aussie Gold Matrix is a cycler program similar to The Golden Path and Unstoppable Whirlwind.  Just like the other programs you are required to maintain a daily subscription.  Each day the program will purchase a new position into the first matrix.  You will then cycle from one matrix to the next while create re-entries into previous matrices.  This causes a chain of events to happen by creating a large number of matrices in a relatively short period of time.  You get paid each time you cycle from any matrix.
Aussie Gold Matrix has two admins that run the program.  They are Brenda and Ian.  Brenda designed the business plan while Ian handles all of the technical work.   Both admins work very hard and are admins that you can trust.
The Cycler
The cost of each position new costs $3.  You are required to purchase at least one subscription which will purchase one position per day.  The money used for the subscriptions is taken from your account balance.
Aussie Gold Matrix has two payment plans.  They are a standard plan and a monthly plan.
The standard plan is quite standard.  You decide how many subscriptions that you want to create.  The cost per subscription is $3 each.  The system will automatically purchase you a new position in the first matrix each day for each subscription that you have created.   You need to be very careful to make sure that you have enough money in your account balance to pay for your daily subscriptions.
The monthly plan is quite unique to this industry.  For a monthly payment of $80, the system will automatically create you one subscription.  Each day one position will be purchased into the first matrix.  At the end of 30 days you will have purchased 30 new positions into the first matrix.  This ends up costing about $2.67 per subscription vs $3.00 per subscription in the standard plan.  You need to make sure that you have $80 available in your account balance every 30 days.
There are 6 matrices to cycle.  You get paid to your account balance each time you cycle from a matrix.  In addition, cycling creates new positions in different matrices.
Cycle from Coal Matrix
You get paid $3.00
Re-entry into Coal Matrix
Creates you a new position in Zirconium Matrix
Cycle from Zirconium Matrix
You get paid $3.00
Re-entry into Zirconium Matrix
Creates you a new position in Coal Matrix
Creates you a new position in Silver Matrix

Cycle from Silver Matrix
You get paid $6.00
Re-entry into Silver Matrix
Creates you 2 new positions in Coal Matrix 
Creates you a new position in Gold Matrix
Cycle from Gold Matrix
You get paid $12.00
Re-entry into Gold Matrix
Creates you 4 new positions in Coal Matrix  
Creates you a new position in Diamond Matrix
Cycle from Diamond Matrix
You get paid $24.00
Your referral gets paid $9.00
Re-entry into Diamond Matrix 
Creates you 5 new positions in Coal Matrix  
Creates you a new position in Platinum Matrix
Cycle from Platinum Matrix
You get paid $156.00
Your referral gets paid $96.00
Creates you 12 new positions in Coal Matrix  
Creates you a new position in Gold Matrix
You may request a payment once per day and there is a 5% fee for withdrawals.  You may request a payment to Payza or Solid Trust Pay.
Aussie Gold Matrix is a long term cycler program.   Unlike cycler programs where you need to join early in order to cycle, members in this program will cycle anytime they join.   Just purchasing one position per day can result in hundreds of positions created later.  Since the daily subscriptions are purchasing new positions in the matrix, the cycling should never stall at Aussie Gold Matrix.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unstoppable whirlwind review

This site just launched today.  Its a 2x2 cycler and No Recruiting is needed.  You will want to join this one.
The cyler is fast moving.  You are required to purchase a daily subscription of $3 per position.  When you cycle through all 6 matrices you will earn a total of  $508. 
Everybody enters the matrix from the company top position just like in The Golden Path and Unstoppable Whirlwind.  This is one main difference.  You are joining before anyone else knows about this program.  Income Club was given the very first position in the company matrix and you can follow us.  Just think what it would have been like to earn all of those thousands of dollars if you were one of the first people to join The Golden Path or Unstoppable Whirlwind. Now you have this opportunity to be first before the big promoters start promoting this program. 
This is how it works...
You need to purchase at least one daily subscription for $3.  You may purchase up to 100 subscriptions.  Each subscription places one position in the forced matrix.  You start with the very first matrix.  There are 6 matrices all together:
Coal Matrix
You get paid $3.00
You get a re-entry into the Coal Matrix
You get an entry into the Zirconium Matrix
Zirconium Matrix
You get paid $5.00
You get a re-entry into the Zirconium Matrix
You get an entry into the Coal Matrix
You can en entry into the Silver Matrix
Silver Matrix
You get paid $10.00
You get a re-entry into the Silver Matrix
You get an entry into the Coal Matrix
You can an entry into the Gold Matrix
Gold Matrix
You get paid $20.00
You get a matching bonus of $15.00
You get a re-entry into the Gold Matrix
You get an entry into the Coal Matrix
You get an entry into the Diamond Matrix
Diamond Matrix
You get paid $20.00
You get a matching bonus of $15.00
You get a re-entry into the Diamond Matrix
You get 30 entries into the Coal Matrix
You get an entry into the Platinum Matrix
Platinum Matrix
You get paid $450.00
You get a matching bonus of $50.00
You get an entry into the Gold Matrix
You get 30 entries into the Coal Matrix
As you can see the number of matrices that you receive just keep multiplying on each cycle.  This is in additional to the daily new Coal Matrix entries will be receive from your subscription.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Facebook List of Groups

Ito po ay compilation of fb Group na sinalihan ko
Pwede kayong sumali sa mga groups na ito at post kayo ng mga addvertisement.
Pagpalagi kayo nag post ng adds mapapansin din nila yong ina advertise mo.
Ask to join.Ang observe rules sa mga groups,never spam just post atleast once a day or twice.

Ang mga group nato ay pinaghati ko sa dalawang grupo.
Itong list dito,ito yong grupo na ang mga myembro dito ang exposed na sa online opportunity.,
or may ibat iba na silang networking program.And this groups is about online opportunity groups.
So mga tao dito less explanation na ,and more openminded.

At ito naman group dito ay mostly mga myembro dito ay hindi pa masyado aware na pwede palang kumita online.This groups mostly not income related groups.Marami kang makukuhang prospect dito pero medyo kailangan mo ng more effort to explain to then the process at be aware meron ding nega dito.Nega negatibong tao,ayaw sa networking.Well wag pansinin ,go lang ng go

Sa dami ng group na ito.Pwede kang gumawa ng ibang facebook account,at yon yong gamitin mo to join sa mga group nato.
At yong iba din sa inyo,di ba mahiyain,medyo nahihiya mag refer, pwede kayong gumawa ng fb account na wala kayong friends don na kakakilala.
Add lang kayo ng ibat ibang tao ,add friends everyday.
Tapos post kayo ng adds dito as often,if meron kayong computer maigi na bawat araw post .Copy paste lang.

So ito muna i'll be making more tips soon for all my downlines.



Saturday, June 23, 2012 Review

Respondlistprofits is a new program an on prelaunch
It seems to be a great program
Respond List Profits is an advertising program in which you purchase advertising credits for banner, text and email advertising.  In addition, you are placed in a fast moving cycler which pays you back $51.50 for each Ad Package that you Purchase.
Respond List Profits is probably the most profitable site that I have seen in a long time.  The program launched less than 2 weeks and there are already 49 pages discussing the program in the Money Maker Group forum.  People are joining this program like crazy due to its fast cycling.  Even members from The Golden Path are joining Respond List Profits.  Some members have reported leaving The Golden Path to join Respond List Profits.
The program is paying very well.  There are many members requesting $50 withdrawals almost daily.  We have seen many people getting paid daily.
The Advertising Packages
The cost of each Ad Package is $2.50.  You will receive advertising credits for banner ads, text ads and email ads.  This is done instantly.  The admin does not need to approve the ads before you can use them.  You can apply credits towards the advertising at any time.  There is one credit per view for the banner and text ads.  We have seen a lot of clicks on our banner and text ads.  The advertising alone is well worth the cost of joining Respond List Profits.
In addition to the banner ad text ads, you can email your referrals up to 1500 random members every 3 days.  The members will read your emails as they can receive advertising credits for clicking on the email link. 
The Cycler
There is no doubt that the cycler is the main reason why people are joining Respond List Profits.  The cycling is very fast.  A few days ago I carefully examined the cycling of the first level in the cycler.  I was able to determine there were at least 8000 cycles taken place each day.  I have spoken with the admin if he expects the cycling to slow down.  He told me that the rate of the cycling will increase the longer the program is running.
One of the reasons they cycling is so fast is that there are System Power Positions created on each cycle.  These System Power Positions are created on the first level to keep the cycling moving.  This has resulted in the cycling never to slow down.
The cycler is designed for long term.  Members are required to purchase a minimum of 3 Ad Packages per week.   The cost of each Ad Package is $2.50 or $7.50 for all 3 Ad Packages.  This money is taken from your account balance. 
To initially load money into your account balance you need to use Payza (AlertPay).  There is a 7.5% admin fee for loading new money.  There is no admin fee on purchasing Ad Packages from your account balance.  You only need to pay this 7.5% fee on loading funds from your Payza account.  The minimum amount you can load is $20 or $21.50 with the fees.
There are 5 levels to the cycler.  You get paid to your account balance each time you cycle from a level.
Cycle from Level 1
You get paid $2.50
You get 150 Ad Credits
Creates a new System Power Position in Level 1
Creates you a new position in Level 2
Cycle from Level 2
You get paid $6.00
Your sponsor is paid $1.50
You get 350 Ad Credits
Creates 2 new System Power Positions in Level 1
Creates you a new position in Level 3
Cycle from Level 3
You get paid $10.00
Your sponsor is paid $2.50
You get 500 Ad Credits
Creates 3 new System Power Positions in Level 1
Creates you a new position in Level 4
Cycle from Level 4
You get paid $13.00
Your sponsor is paid $2.00
You get 750 Ad Credits
Creates 5 new System Power Positions in Level 1
Creates you a new position in Level 5
Cycle from Level 5
You get paid $20.00
Your sponsor is paid $10.00
You get 1100 Ad Credits
Creates 6 new System Power Positions in Level 1
Creates you 2 new positions in Level 1
You may request a payment anytime your account balance has at least $3  The maximum amount that you can request on any day is $50.  This maximum amount will be increased as time goes by.  Payment requests are processed within 48 hours.
Our Investment
We joined Respond List Profits with a single $20 ($21.50 with fees) investment.  No additional money has ever been sent into this program.  We have cycled many times and have requested $100 in withdrawals.  This is 5 times what we placed in the program.  At the present time this is the number of positions that have not yet cycled:
Level 1: 25 positions
Level 2: 7 positions
Level 3: 8 positions
As you can see our positions in the cycler just keep multiplying.  
Respond List Profits is a long term cycling program.   Unlike cycler programs where you need to join early in order to cycle, members in this program will cycle anytime they join.  The members are purchasing Ad Packages like crazy.  The admin had to restrict Level 1 Ad Packages to 125 per person because the members were purchasing so many Ad Packages.  With the large number of Ad Package purchases and the System Power Positions, I can conclude that the cycling will never stall at Respond List Profits.
If you have $21.50 available in your Payza Account, then you will want to join Respond List Profits.

Friday, June 15, 2012 ay isang online business para sa mga pinoy.
share ko po ito sa inyo dahil malaki po ang potential earnings nito,sa umpisa po kailangan mo  ng kunting sipag sa pag share nito,pero later pag na build na yong network mo kusa ng dadating yong mga commission mo fron 2nd level to 8th.Hindi ka mauubosan ng prospect nito kasi 100 pesos lang sya maski sino kung gugustuhin pwede talagang sumali.Ako sa 1 month kung sumali i am earning more or less 1000 plus.and counting for more.
Ma pa estudyante ka man o walang trabaho pwede mo itng pagkakakitaan
Napaka murang halaga lang 100 pesos mo ay maaring makaka pagbago ng iyong buhay

Legal po ito at may dti tayo.Maski pag online hindi na kailangan ng legalities pero yong admin natin ay talagang seryoso na palaguin ito,at maka tulong sa baat pilipino,lalo na mga estudyante chance nyo na ito,instead of sharing ng kung ano ano sa facebook,ito po e share nyo.




Ano po ba ang business na ito?
Ito po ay isang online business.Meron po tayong website monitoring.Lahat ng transaction ninyo naka base online.So hindi lang ito pang nationwide ,global business po itong sasalihan ninyo.
Bakit in na in ngayon ang online business?
Kasi sa dami ba naman ang gumagamit ng computer ngayon,ang business nag evolve narin.Sa facebook lang halos 90% of Philippines population gumagamit na nito. Pag online malaki ang market mo,hindi ka lang focus don sa locality mo.

Magkano ba ito?Seguro malaki ang start up fee?
Yan po ang the best part kasi po ginagawa po itong very affordable na kahit estudyante po ay pwede sumali kung gugustuhin. Php100 lang po ang puhunan instant negosyo na,pwede mo gawin habang nag online at offline.

For only P100 annual membership fee, you can earn unlimited income yearly and your life will be changed.

Ano ba ang makukuha ko sa 100 membership na yan?
Yan po ang mga benefits sa ibaba


Ang dami di ba?

So ito ways of earnings mo

1. Direct commission from eloading retailership -

Eloading all networks,di na kailangan ng 3 sim pagnagbebenta ng load,
Ecards lahat ng prepaid cards meron ito.
Online games load,tfc,pldt,globe at iba pa.

2. Direct Selling of Beauty and Wellness Products from Royale -
Earn 10% to 25% discount
So itong pinaka maganda sa Juanhundred dahil ka partner natin ang Royale Business Club. Kahit hindi ka member ng Royale pwede ka pa ding mag benta ng products nila,e order mo lang dun sa loob ng members area sa juanhundred account mo.SEE PRICELIST HERE

Example Earnings
L-GlutaPOWER 462mg you sell- Php1,680.00 25.00% you will pay, Php1,260.00 you earn Php320
Aside from that bawat order mo ng products may ma accumulate kapa na JHV point 1 point is equivalent to 87 pesos

Bawat order mo ng products magkakaroon ka ng JHPV juanhundred points value, pag umaabot yon ng 150 jhpv, you can used that points to upgrade into JHROYALE .Para maging myembro ng royale you need to buy 11,000 plus worth of package,Sa juanhundred you need to accumulate points pag naipon mo yan magiging myembro kana din ng royale business club.Pag myembro ng royale business club you get 20 to 50% discount sa mga products ng royale.

So tanong mo,ayaw ko mag sell e?
Ayaw ko din mag refer kikita pa din ba ako sa Juanhundred?
Yung pa higa higa lang ako at magiintay?

Goodnews!!Dahil sa Juanhundred gumagawa ng system sa mga myembro na ayaw magbebenta,ayaw mang recruit.Ang gagawin mo lang maghintay upang mag cycle ka.

Paano ba ito? Once myembro ka na ng Juanhundred participate ka lang sa 2x1 matric e activate mo account mo sa 2x1 matrix by buying 500 codes for activation.

Once myembro kana wait kana lang mag cycle

  • FREE 2 JH PV
- It's very simple, just activate your 2x1 forced matrix to join and wait for your turn to comply the system your 2 downlines under your account. You can check your name on the next 10 cyclers. In this system you don't need to recruit, because we guarantee the spill over system and aside from that you will received 2 JH PV for FREE!
- When you join, you can earn P300 per cycle and free 5 times re-entry. It means you can earn P300 5 times. In return of your investment you earned P1,500.
Sa ganda ng ating System Di mo maiiwasan na may gusto talagang sumali lalo pag nakikita nila sa mga post mo on your facebook wall. Kaya kikita ka din dyan.


Earn P20 for every member that joins JUAN HUNDRED you personaly sponsor.

Earn P10 for every member who joined under your network from 2nd to 8th level.

Earn as much as you can with unlimited direct referrals and unlimited downlines up to 8th level.So kahit ilang tao e refer mo,at e refer nila you will earn 10 pesos each on that.

Top 10 earners will receive 70% profit sharing from the TOP 4 heads of the company every week.Pag nag top earner ka another more earnings.

So ito yung example computation sa ibaba, sa example na yan lima lang ang na refer mo.
Tapos silang lima naka refer ng tig lima.
Then yong lima na na refer nila naka refer din ng tig lilima lahat hangang 8th level of referrals mo.
So imagine sa tig lilima lang pwede kang kikita ng 4Million Plus na tumatagingting!!!

Wee ang hirap kaya mag recruit?
Sa 100 ba at sa lahat ng benipisyo namakukuha mahirap pa din?
Pero cg sa baguhan na gaya mo alam ko mahirap yan, kaya andito kaming JuanHundred Team Achiever na gagabay sayo .
Sa team namin ika nga" your in good hands". Pero ang success mo ay nasa iyo pa rin yun. We will provide you all the tips,strategies,guide,mga promotional material na kakailanganin mo.Pero kung papatulugin mo lang yun di ka talaga kikita.

So paano magiging part sa Team?
Kailangan mo ng SPONSOR na part sa team namin .Kung sino ang nag introduce sayo here sya yung sponsor mo

Pag pumunta ka directly sa juanhundred website at mag fill ng registration form,pwede ka pa din maging myembro ng juanhundred na walang sponsor.
Pero ano ba ang disadvantage.
Walang sponsor walang support.
Walang sponsor ,walang magtuturo sayo ng tama.
Para ka lang pumunta sa isang gera na nag iisa.So anung mas maganda yung marami kang kasangga or solo flight? It's you're choice.
Sa ganda nito hindi kaya ito SCAM?
I tell you hindi ko isusugal ang reputasyon ko sa 100 pesos lang.Diko ito i propromote kung hindi kami nabayaran. SEE PAYMENT PROOF
We also have DTI permit so no need to worry.
Just decide fast bago ka maunahan ng iba,Mas maganda yung ikaw yung magpapasali sa kanila dito kaysa ikaw yung papasalihin nila in the future .

Follow this step on how to join.

STEP 1: You need to buy registration code.
Pay Php 100 for registration code to any of the payment
option below.

STEP 2: Verify your payment using the following method:
Send SMS verification text the following and send to 09206358863

e.g (for paypal user please indicate the paypal email add you used in sending money like the sample below)


and send to 09206358865

STEP 3: Wait for your payment be confirmed,Your account willbe activated not more than 24 hours.Check between 5pm to 12 midnight.

STEP 4: Open your email to check your log in details

STEP 5: Log in your account and explore get your link and invite your friends,post in facebook,make free adds,,

Once officially registered contact me in facebook,add me and pm me ,so i can add you to our official jaunhundred team achiever group.And we can guide you.

My Contact details:
cel no. :09206358863
JuanHundred Referral link:


1. Full support from us.Helping one another in building our network.
2. You can have your own blogs like this one with your name and ID no.
3. We have some tools to share only for our team to help you promote in less effort way,like multiple poster in facebook groups,post planner and skeduling of post on your wall,and on facebook groups.
4. We will provide you online promotional materials,can be specialized with your id no. on it,for request.
5. We communicate with each other, ask advice and ask more tips.We have official facebook group only for team achiever members.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

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