Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adailycash.com proof of payment

Adailycash payment proof to show you that this program is paying. This program is rather new and just started January 2012 so this is the best time to invest while its hot and new

Adailycash is similar to Justbeenpaid. You earn 3% daily no referrals needed plus earn from their matrix program too if you have referrals. You can invest for as low as $10. This is a percentage game so this means you earn more if you invest more. Just invest what you can invest. Get your seed money as fast as you can. In this case in about 35 days or less if you have a lot of referrals investing like you do.

Do compounding by investing your profits and just withdraw what you need to spend. In the long run, your income will just keep on increasing.


Get PAID 3% Daily up to 150% for 50 days. No sponsoring Requirements. Earn upto $10,000 /position

=Earn 3%+ per day -- 90%+ per month.
=No sponsoring requirements.
=Earn 10% referral bonuses on your first level and 5% on your second.
=Daily compounding to increase your earnings.
=Daily withdrawals to get your money out.
=Revolutionary breakthrough makes aDailycash indefinitely sustainable!
=Build up your downlines in aDailyCash and earn up to $10,000 per Position
for a lifetime through multiple income streams.
=5 boards to earn from with payouts of $10, $50, $250, $1200, $10000 over and over again!
=UNLIMITED Matching Bonus of $5, $25, $125, $600, $5000 over and over again!
=Available Worldwide!


You Can Start with Just $10.00 and Turn It into a Fortune!
So hurry up and secure your position NOW

Get PAID 3% Daily up to 150% for 50 days. No sponsoring Requirements. Earn upto $10,000 /position

Friday, March 9, 2012

padbux.com review

Padbux.com Legit or not?

This ptc sites is just new.We are still looking forward if this will turn scam or not.

But for now they are paying its members.

Since they are new they offer free ultimate membership for 10,000 members,as of today they have 6,000 plus members.

There minimum payout is lower only $1,so we can cashout fast after about 2 weeks.

We can see proof of payment from the sites.

See here : http://www.padbux.com/pages/proof

Membership :

Membership color

Pay rates
Pay per click $0.0100 $0.0100 $0.0120 $0.0150
Pay per referral click $0.0020 $0.0050 $0.0075 $0.0100

Referral related
Earn from free direct referrals
Daily surfing required
Direct refs waiting days 0 0 0 0
Delete direct referral $0 $0 $0 $0
Max. direct referrals 40 250 2,400 5,000
Renting referrals $0.8500 $0.8500 $0.8500 $0.8500
Recycling referrals $0.0900 $0.0900 $0.0900 $0.0900
Delete rented referral $0 $0 $0 $0
Max. rented referrals 400 750 1,200 2,000
Interval referral rents 5 days 3 days 2 days 1 day
Max. referral rent package 150 250 500 1000

Payout policies
Days registered for payout 0 0 0 0
Clicks needed for payout 40 30 20 15
Payout minimum $1 $1 $1 $1
Interval between payouts 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days
Payout method Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly
Multiple pending payout requests

Maximum ads 25 25 25 25
Daily messages to send 0 0 0 0
Can send support tickets
Price of sending one ticket 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000
Forum access

For more info on the site just check it here : http://www.padbux.com/

Padbux is SCAM be aware dont join.At first they pay their members,but after some week instead of $1 minimum payout they set to $2 then $3,i just wait my earnings will turn $3 when I request they dont send,instead for 2 days after they turn minimum payout to $4 .So its really obvious that they only want to pay to those who invest,people who are free will find it hard to cashout,$4 let you work in 4 months clicking b4 you get your earnings.So this is not recommended site.

Yiggle.me Review


It offers you more twitter followers,facebook fanpage likes,more youtube video watch and more traffic on your sites.

When you join the site you will earn 50 coins.
You can get more coind by
liking facebook
following twiiter account
and manual surf

This coins you can either used it by
gaining more followers on your twitter
more facebook like
more traffic on your sites.

You can also choose to cashout your coins into real cash.
When you reach 5,000 coins you are ready to cashout.
Coins value depend on the sites earnings,

The site has furum,you can see proof of payment there.

Check the site here by clicking this banner Yiggle.Me


Earn from facebook and twitter

Let you earn coins from facebook like,follow twitter and google plus,also let you have free facebook like free followers on twitter and free traffic on your site. This sites will let you earn cash too.

This is legit sites and paying its members:

Proof of payment:

Recommended Features

  • free facebook and twitter followers
  • more traffic on your sites
  • Earn from uatosurf,ppc,clicking banners
  • earn by liking other facebook,twitter and google plus
  • more ways to earn with less minimum to cashout $2

Review on Uplike.net

I this site you can earn coins by
liking facebook account,
following twitter account
google plus add
manual surf

You can earn real cash too by
clicking add on
paid per click
ptc adds
banner add and
referring friends

You can used your coins to
gain more facebook like
twitter followers
traffic on your site
And also you can exchange coins into cash when you upgrade worth $10 a year and more ways to earn

Check it here http://uplike.net/