Friday, August 7, 2009

Get paid while chatting

Hi friends out there I discover another exciting ways to make extra income online, just by joining friend finder sites.Its a huge dating site who pays those who join as an affiliate.Imagine your chatting hubbies turn into $$$ !You might thinking how? Every woman who join ,they pay you 2$, and 1$ for every man.Example you have 100 friends in friendster you let them sign an account in friendfinder, can you imagine your earnings?You might thinking ,how would I start? just follow this step by step procedure:
  1. Click here FRIENDFINDER Right click open a new tab so that you wont be out of your way.
  2. When you are on the web page click affiliate sign up.
  3. Fill up the forms correctly,and leave some question which is not applicable, like tax information if you are not living inside US.
  4. And agree for there terms and conditions.
  5. After your done.Go to your email address to activate your account.You can find there your password too.
  6. After your account has been approved ,you can start promoting there site,you will be given your own url and banners where you can promote there site under your account number.
  7. Every time you can there is someone who join friendfinder under you, you get paid.
  8. Just wait for your money to reach 50$ and you can receive your payment by check ,or you can avail there FREE payooner debit card from them for free.Which you can used too in verifying your paypal account. CLICK THIS

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