What is loadxtreme? and how to earn in loadxtreme?

To answer this question go here: loadxtreme info

Frequently Ask question about loadxtreme click this>> FAQ<<

Those who are interested to be part of loadxtreme just ask me,you can buy card for 250 pesos,and if you want initial load of 300 you can pay 550 on my account.
I accept only bank deposit on my BPI account.
Pm me on facebook: angelako12@yahoo.com
Email: jaysn022@gmail.com 

This is the official webpage of loadxtreme click >>HERE<<<

Step by step procedure to register online.
1.Go to this site Vmobile
2.You will see Terms of Use,e click mo yong I agree sa ibaba,then submit.
3. You will this:
This is the web version of the registration process, you can also use your cellphone to register.

Personal Information
Full Name: 
Birthdate:  mm/dd/yyyy   #1
Cell number:  09xxxxxxxxx
ID Number: 
SAC:    #2
EMail:    #3
  1. The format should be mm/dd/yyyy, if no date specified (the field is left blank) the system will use the current date as Birth Date.ID number can be found on the card you will buy from dealer
  2. The SAC (Subscriber Activation Code) can be obtained by scratching the portion found at the back of the Retailer Card purchased from your Dealer.
  3. Your PIK will also be sent to your email, make sure your email is not shared to others. Change your PIK regularly.

And your done,you can browse the site to learn more,how it works.

This are videos which teach you how to.

How to Register

 How to replenish load/loadwallet

How to load using celphone