Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to sign up at Solid Trust Pay

This is a step by step guide on how to sign up or create account in
Just follow the step.

Go to the main site of Solid Trust Pay --- CLICK HERE

1. Click Sign up

2.  Click Personal Account then submit

3. Enter the details you have to enter login password and secondary password then click sign up

4. Sign Up Complete

5. Then go to your email and verify the email sent to you by solid trust pay by clicking it

6. Then  enter Username and Password click submit

7. Enter Security Question 
8. Click the one in the red box

9. Time to verify -- click verify account

10. Point your mouse to My Bank and Cards then click view credit and debit cards

11. Click add credit or debit card

12. Enter card details you can use BDO debit cards, BPI cash card, EON Carn by UNION, SMART MONEY CARD, CREDIT CARDS and any cards that have master card and visa card logo
NOTE: CVV --- is the last 3 digit at the back of your card
13. Card added successfully


15. Check all enter all the details but LEAVE THE NAME BLANK only enter details with those with a blue color.
16. Then click to sign  enter  your name then click apply

17. Click to esign

18. This will appear so check your email

19. Click the Echo Sign message in you email and click  Confirm my email address

20. Then go back to solid trust pay

21 . Then click Edit/Update

22. Check Authorization form completed then click submit

23. success click back to card list

23. This is what you will see under verified pend just wait till solid trust pay verify it and you will see under Autofund No ---this we have to change so you can fund it immediately. 


23. Re enter CVV

24. Click Submit then click back to card list again

25. This is what you should see  Auto fund --- Yes

26. Now your card is connected and you are now ready to  fund your account .

27. point your mouse to Money click Deposit $$ to account

28. Choose Currency click continue

29. Enter the Amount then choose Credit Card or Debit Card enter your second password then click Deposit funds. 

30. Deposit funds Is not instant you have to wait till it is processed.

31. If you trouble logging in just click this

32. Enter your email 

33. Check you email click the message sent by solid trust pay copy the password sent

34. Thats it log in to your account



*** UNLOCK your SMART MONEY Card (using your mobile phone) ***
a. Send INTERNET to 343 through text message (to enable Internet Purchases)
b. Go to SMART Menu
c. Choose SMART Money
d. Choose Internet Txn
e. then choose Unlock
f. then choose the name of the card you want to unlock
g. then enter your W-PIN, a message will appear confirming your request
h. You will receive a text message that your card is now ready/unlocked
for online purchases. Make sure that your Smart Money Card


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