Friday, September 4, 2009

How to transfer paypal money to philippine peso

How to withdraw money from my paypal account?

Many of us worried about how to transfer your fund from your paypal account to phillipine peso.Or how could you get your money from paypal.Now a days transferring money from paypal to philippine peso is too easy.All you need to do is apply for an Unionbank EON Cyber Account debit card to any union bank branch and apply for this kind of card.By this you can verify your paypal account and you can transfer your payment directly to your EON debit card.

Here is the step:
  • Apply for a union EON cyber account debit card to any UNION BANK BRANCH
  • Ask for a PayPal Expanded Use Number (EUN) for your card , this will be used for paypal verification.
  • Then immediately entered the 4-digit EUN into your paypal account and you will get this mesage

You have successfully entered your Expanded Use Number. Once you make a payment with PayPal, we will reimburse $1.95 USD in your PayPal account. (Note that this may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in your PayPal account balance.)

This means that you are now a verified paypal member and you can now withdraw your earnings from paypal.

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