Friday, November 20, 2009

How to get union eon debit card

Unionbank Eon Debit Card

Attention: open in a new window. How to get a Unionbank Eon Debit Card (For Local Members Only)

1: Please Go to the Nearest Unionbank Branch and BRING the following:

(a) Php 350 (for the annual fee of Eon card)

(b) 2 VALID IDs (ie. PRC ID, TIN, Company ID, SSS, GSIS, School ID, and others)

(c) Php 500 (for the starting balance of the card)
>>> Eon card has no maintaining balance. But we suggest
loading your card Php 500 as a starting balance for
activation purposes at online banking <<<

(d) Wait for your card to arrive (preferably sent to a Unionbank branch)
Wait about 1 week (if residing within Metro Manila)
Wait for about 3-4 weeks (if residing outside Metro Manila)

2: How to ACTIVATE your Card at ONLINE banking

(a) Go to

(b) Click EON CYBER ACCOUNT logo
>>> then you will be redirected to a new window <<<
(c) Click ENROLL HERE you can find it below
Start banking online with your Eon

(d) Enter your Card Number and ATM PIN

(e) Then wait for 3-5 days for the Activation Process
>>> sometimes, activation process is completed for only 24 hours <<<

Unionbank Eon Debit Card Sample

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