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How to Earn More on MYlot

Get paid everytime you use Mylot

The first thing you will be in mind is, What is Mylot?

MyLot is a unique, fun and growing online community of individuals from
around the world who enjoy sharing information, giving advice, meeting
new people and helping one another..

Members of the community are rewarded for their valuable contributions
through monthly payouts.

This are the five ways to earn at Mylot:

1. Ask lots of questions.

Whenever other people reply to your discussions then you will earn money.
As well as earning money from simply posting your own discussions and responses. You wont be paid for leaving comments though.
Search for unique and interesting topics and come up with a good question that will encourage participation. Make sure your question hasn't already been asked before and remember the more responses to your question the higher the earnings could be.

2. Respond to discussions and comments.

Answer and respond to as many discussions and questions as you can. It's stressed that you should answer in as much detail as possible at least three to four sentences long. It could be helpful to use the same keywords as in the discussion question.

3. Upload images.

Mylot pays you for each image uploaded.
You can upload for each response and at least double any earnings.

4. Fill in your interests.

It's an important part of MyLot because when you post a discussion in the same topic as your interests then MyLot will pay more. So it's well worth taking the time to fill in all your interests.

Enlist referrals.

This is one of the most important to multiply your earnings. MyLot will pay you 25% of the earnings of your referrals. When they earn $1, you will earn $0.25. Not all referrals will actively take part in MyLot regularly but the more referrals you have higher earnings you'll receive.

So, How much can I expect to earn from MyLot?

The potential earnings are as follows;

$0.1 - $0.3 per discussion or response.

$0.1 per image upload.
25% of referral earnings.

However, all earnings are calculated until payment time and your earnings are dependent upon your level of participation.

Most people generally participate with up to 100 responses to discussions per month, while others commit up to 30 responses per day.

Your earnings and your referrals earnings are really up to you.

Are there any other benefits of joining MyLot?

Yes, there are, please read more....

The MyLot friends feature allows you to control your messages so you don't receive any unwanted messages from other users or spam.

You can register your blog within MyLot and gain exposure for your cause.

Other positive points.

Safe environment

Self-regulated network

Ability to search for specific discussion topics.

How you receive your earnings?

Payment Processor: PayPal
Payment Speed: Instant
Minimum Payout: $10
Referral: Yes! Earn 25% of referral earnings
Price per Post: It depends on your post quality.
Bonus: Get paid to search using their search bar; normally $0.14 a day.
Different ways to make money in their task tab.

Commentaries, Rants and Ramblings:

I never earned big amount in Mylot; I know how to earn on Mylot but I think it is not a good money maker because they are paying their members peanuts. Yes I agree that Mylot is a fun filled community wherein you can interact with members and talk about different things in life such as online money making, dealing with different problems in life and about sex and Mylot will pay you for interacting with the community, imagine you will be paid for your interaction! But they do not have definite earning system. This is confusing and sometimes many misleading articles on the World Wide Web are confusing those folks who want to make get paid by posting in the forums, I call it misleading because there are many variations on the internet about getting paid on Mylot, I saw a website saying that you can get paid handsomely if you will post quality content, others are babbling that you will earn more if you will post continuously; quality or quantity it does not matter.

Mylot Opportunities: Get Paid on Article Writing Jobs

To tell the truth I only earn $1 a day in this paid social networking/forum site. It is not that big but it can boost my income every month by $30. The secrets of earning good amount of money in Mylot are participating in their task offers. There are a user there (Sharon Bucks) that gives article writing task, most of the time you will write 800+ words and carefully placing the keywords in your article, your writing must not look like self opinion and it must be build up with facts and information, by doing this article writing job you have a chance to earn $3.50 per submission, accept 4 task which pays $3.50 and you will reach payout immediately.

If you are not proficient in writing and always fail every time you try to submit your articles then it is time to turn your attention to posting; go to "discussions" tab and click "new" you will be directed to the page full of new and unanswered discussions, chose any topic that is interesting for you and keep responding and commenting.

Different Rules in responding and commenting.

Rule number one is do not post your referral link in the discussions about different GPT programs! The whole discussion will be deleted if you do that so avoid posting referral links; you can put them in your profile page, some members’ visits different profiles and if they are attracted to the banners and offers of your GPT programs there is a chance that they will join as your referral. To make people come in your profile you must post regularly and answer with wits and wisdom, do not reply one liner response or comments because you will be blatantly ignored.

Rule number two is never be a not be a troll! If you want to be a troll you must go to other forums to release your tensions. Trolling in Mylot is prohibited and you will only get banned from doing it, if you act like an internet bully or online gangster wannabee then try, you will not be paid there but you will enjoy with the trolls and perverts.

Rule number three is stop spamming for the love of God! You, me, him, her, we all hate spams so stop spamming the discussion threads or else the members will report you and you might get banned, if you are the member of inglorious spammers then go on and enjoy your long vacation in this website. If there are get paid to spam then you will be rich by now if you are a certified spammer.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: What is the use of star ranking?
A: To show the world that how many people in Mylot rated you, if you get blue star rank then it means many people like you and rated every discussions you created, every response and comments in different discussions. You are the guru, the epitome of greatness, you are wisdom personified. To make it precise the community likes what you are saying.

Q: *sigh* Too much blabbering... Does star ranking affect our earnings?
A: I think star rankings will not decrease or increase our earnings, for me it is only a display on how popular you are to the community.

Q: I accidentally uploaded my nude image! How can I delete my thread/response!?
A: Let us see it first! Just kidding, you can use the "report abuse" system to inform the admin and they will be the one to take care of deleting, the best way to do is double check or triple check your work before submitting it.

There you go guys! Mylot is a great place to mingle and socialize with your online friends, it might not be the best online money maker but you will enjoy their community and dig many information about different get paid to programs in their money making interest.

If you Wish to join Mylot just click this banner

Simple Advice for beginners:

If you are damn serious about taking home big bucks using the internet then you must be motivated, focused and must do anything to achieve your goal. I know a lot of people who quits before achieving their very first penny using different paid programs. Quitting is not an option if you are a sworn GPT worker who makes a living online!

Remember that if you quit and do nothing except Facebook and playing game programs all day, Twitter and twitting nonsense and Youtube and watching your favorite channel all day will make your online career doomed to failure and all that time in front of your computer is an utter waste of time, quitters have a lot of pathetic excuses and blame it in the programs they joined in and I'm tired of it.

If getting filthy rich person who can swim on a pool of jewels and gems and owns a two hundred fifty acres of farm land are your motivation (Yes I do!) then make it lower and start small, you will never be that rich using get paid programs but I'm sure that this programs will boost your monthly earnings and you can save some money! If you are a hardcore search engine optimization specialist then your dream will not be impossible like reviving Michael Jackson.

I just want to remind you, getting laid oh I mean paid on the internet programs is not easy, start small and slowly but surely increase your knowledge and as your skill grow, find some greener pasture and be progressive, continuously improve your skill and ability and it will give you higher amount of income. Try to be lazy and let your laziness grow and you will be swimming in a cesspool together with the sore losers and some trolls who are not happy with any concessions you make.

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