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Big Money Marix-a totally free ang fun matrix
It's a FREE matrix! 100% Free to join and you earn on 7 levels - earn up to $10,000 - FREE!!

7x7 matrix
Membership cost $0.01 Benefit:
Have to write 0.01 to be accepted here - but it is FREE to join!!
Level 1: $0.01 per referral. Maximum 7 referrals - up to $0.07
Level 2: $0.01 per referral. Maximum 49 referrals - up to $0.49
Level 3: $0.01 per referral. Maximum 343 referrals - up to $3.43
Level 4: $0.01 per referral. Maximum 2401 referrals - up to $24.01
Level 5: $0.01 per referral. Maximum 16807 referrals - up to $168.07
Level 6: $0.01 per referral. Maximum 117649 referrals - up to $1176.49
Level 7: $0.01 per referral. Maximum 823543 referrals - up to $8235.43
Maximim earnings can reach up to $10000.00
Accept: AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay,
Earnings credited to program account, withdrawal paid within 3 days
Minimum withdrawal: upgraded member - $100 | free member - $100

Script: Unknown

Welcome to B M Matrix

Welcome to Big Money Matrix - a totally free and fun matrix.

Earn almost $10,000 - and it is FREE to join!

How does it work?

It's so simple, you join (it is FREE and takes about 30 seconds). You will then get an unique referral link. You will earn 1 cent for each person you invite to BMMatrix and ALSO 1 cent for each person they invite, and 1 cent for their referral's invites, their referral's referral's invites etc. - down 7 levels! That can add up to almost $10,000 - all for free!

This is a FORCED matrix, that means if your referrer has more than 7 referrals then his/her referrals will be sent down to YOUR downline - you can earn by doing nothing! So why no join today, there is no way of loosing out!

What's the catch?

There is NO catch! You will NEVER have to pay a cent - this is a totally FREE matrix. We will NEVER send you emails or ask you to do ANYTHING - that's it!

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