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Respondlistprofits is a new program an on prelaunch
It seems to be a great program
Respond List Profits is an advertising program in which you purchase advertising credits for banner, text and email advertising.  In addition, you are placed in a fast moving cycler which pays you back $51.50 for each Ad Package that you Purchase.
Respond List Profits is probably the most profitable site that I have seen in a long time.  The program launched less than 2 weeks and there are already 49 pages discussing the program in the Money Maker Group forum.  People are joining this program like crazy due to its fast cycling.  Even members from The Golden Path are joining Respond List Profits.  Some members have reported leaving The Golden Path to join Respond List Profits.
The program is paying very well.  There are many members requesting $50 withdrawals almost daily.  We have seen many people getting paid daily.
The Advertising Packages
The cost of each Ad Package is $2.50.  You will receive advertising credits for banner ads, text ads and email ads.  This is done instantly.  The admin does not need to approve the ads before you can use them.  You can apply credits towards the advertising at any time.  There is one credit per view for the banner and text ads.  We have seen a lot of clicks on our banner and text ads.  The advertising alone is well worth the cost of joining Respond List Profits.
In addition to the banner ad text ads, you can email your referrals up to 1500 random members every 3 days.  The members will read your emails as they can receive advertising credits for clicking on the email link. 
The Cycler
There is no doubt that the cycler is the main reason why people are joining Respond List Profits.  The cycling is very fast.  A few days ago I carefully examined the cycling of the first level in the cycler.  I was able to determine there were at least 8000 cycles taken place each day.  I have spoken with the admin if he expects the cycling to slow down.  He told me that the rate of the cycling will increase the longer the program is running.
One of the reasons they cycling is so fast is that there are System Power Positions created on each cycle.  These System Power Positions are created on the first level to keep the cycling moving.  This has resulted in the cycling never to slow down.
The cycler is designed for long term.  Members are required to purchase a minimum of 3 Ad Packages per week.   The cost of each Ad Package is $2.50 or $7.50 for all 3 Ad Packages.  This money is taken from your account balance. 
To initially load money into your account balance you need to use Payza (AlertPay).  There is a 7.5% admin fee for loading new money.  There is no admin fee on purchasing Ad Packages from your account balance.  You only need to pay this 7.5% fee on loading funds from your Payza account.  The minimum amount you can load is $20 or $21.50 with the fees.
There are 5 levels to the cycler.  You get paid to your account balance each time you cycle from a level.
Cycle from Level 1
You get paid $2.50
You get 150 Ad Credits
Creates a new System Power Position in Level 1
Creates you a new position in Level 2
Cycle from Level 2
You get paid $6.00
Your sponsor is paid $1.50
You get 350 Ad Credits
Creates 2 new System Power Positions in Level 1
Creates you a new position in Level 3
Cycle from Level 3
You get paid $10.00
Your sponsor is paid $2.50
You get 500 Ad Credits
Creates 3 new System Power Positions in Level 1
Creates you a new position in Level 4
Cycle from Level 4
You get paid $13.00
Your sponsor is paid $2.00
You get 750 Ad Credits
Creates 5 new System Power Positions in Level 1
Creates you a new position in Level 5
Cycle from Level 5
You get paid $20.00
Your sponsor is paid $10.00
You get 1100 Ad Credits
Creates 6 new System Power Positions in Level 1
Creates you 2 new positions in Level 1
You may request a payment anytime your account balance has at least $3  The maximum amount that you can request on any day is $50.  This maximum amount will be increased as time goes by.  Payment requests are processed within 48 hours.
Our Investment
We joined Respond List Profits with a single $20 ($21.50 with fees) investment.  No additional money has ever been sent into this program.  We have cycled many times and have requested $100 in withdrawals.  This is 5 times what we placed in the program.  At the present time this is the number of positions that have not yet cycled:
Level 1: 25 positions
Level 2: 7 positions
Level 3: 8 positions
As you can see our positions in the cycler just keep multiplying.  
Respond List Profits is a long term cycling program.   Unlike cycler programs where you need to join early in order to cycle, members in this program will cycle anytime they join.  The members are purchasing Ad Packages like crazy.  The admin had to restrict Level 1 Ad Packages to 125 per person because the members were purchasing so many Ad Packages.  With the large number of Ad Package purchases and the System Power Positions, I can conclude that the cycling will never stall at Respond List Profits.
If you have $21.50 available in your Payza Account, then you will want to join Respond List Profits.

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