Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Earn by posting in a furum

Do you know that you can earn just by joining a furum?

There are several furum sites which pays you from $.02 to $.04 every post you will do in this furum site.

They pay good amount on your participation on their furum.And aside from that you can also advertise your sites and gain more referrals.

You can put up your signature,where in everytime you post,people will see it at the end of every post you make and you gain exposure.

The minimu payout is not too high,mostly from$5 to $10 and you can cashout in any of this processor,like paypal,alertpay,or liberty reserve.

Here's the list of several paid to post site:

1 .Moneytalkvillage.com

Earn Points:

- For every credible post you make you earn 4 points(MTV$).
- For every thread you post you earn 5 points(

Reduction of points

- Every infraction you get will cost you 100 points(
- You get three infractions in less than 10 days and you will be temporarily banned.

1 point(
MTV$) = 1 cent.

Minimum Withdrawl amount is 500 points(
MTV$) i.e $5 via Liberty Reserve, Alertpay and Perfect Money
Minimum Withdrawl amount is 1000 points(MTV$) i.e $10 via Paypal

Payment Processors you can request your payment via: Paypal, Liberty Reserve, Alertpay and Perfect Money.

2. Myhyip Furum

Some description about the post rate:
1 thread - $0.05
1 post - $0.03

However there are different post rate in section, which:
HYIP Discussion/Advertising - $0.02 per post/thread

Paying through LR only.(Take about 1 week or less)

3. Earning Palace

Thread : $0.02
Reply Post : $0.02

Referral Commission : $0.25

Minimum Payout
Liberty Reserve : $2
Alertpay : $3
Perfect Money : $2

HYIP Payment Proof and General business pays $0.01 for new thread & reply post.

4. Thecashchat

$0.02 Thread Expect General business discussion ($0.01)
$0.02 Reply Post expect HYIP Proof section ($0.01 Per Post)

Minimum Payout
Liberty Reserve : $2
Perfect Money : $2
Alert Pay : $2

VIP Members Features :-
Members will get 50% more on every Payout.
Minimum Payout $1 to LR, PM & Ap
Paypal : $7
Fast Payout Process
All previous features will remain same

That four paid to post program is trusted one.I am a member there and a lot of users in that furum who are satisfied with their service.We can really earn by joining furum like this.Your time will not be wasted.You promote your site and you earn too.


passive income said...

Can you verify that they are still paying, I might be interested in these sites, I can build backlinks and earn money at the same time.

marivic said...

yes its paying you can actually check on the site,and go to furum,you can check their payment proof listed by members and their request and approved payment section,i am near to cashout ill put here after i got

Mark Lyndon Brillantes said...

I had joined moneytalkvillage and I was very happy with the result.I had cashed-out twice there already. Online Jobs >>> http://onlineearningplaces.blogspot.com/