Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to earn in

When i am spending my time in Mypage5 some friend of mine introduce me this another paying site.It is easy to earn there,you just make friends,answering polls and asking anything you want to know.

We want to make friends to other people online,like me I really love it too.But you know what I enjoy most is making friend and also earning at the same time.

We can earn by our time online and enjoy ourselves on the things we always do.Is it so interesting to think at the end of the day you earn something?

Well for me it is.For those who are also eager to earn online try this site,you might want to be part of it.

This is how it works:

Bring friends, earn money

What you can earn commissions for:*

$0.20a signup you have referred
$1.00a signup you have referred that has come back and created at least one poll, voted on at least three polls and made at least one comment
$5.00a signup you have referred that has come back 5 times in 5 different weeks, has created at least one poll in five different weeks, has voted on at least three polls in five different weeks and has made at least one poll comment in five different weeks

The idea behind the tiered payment system is to encourage you to not just refer friends, but engage them using Socipoll. all signups are tracked by an id either on the facebook twitter buttons, or the text/email link on every poll results page directly under the poll. All commission payments are made via Paypal at the first of each month.

To get credit, make sure you login before you either fb like/send, tweet, send emails or get the code!

What to do

1. Either login or sign up for an account if you do not already have one
2. Login, and be sure to add a valid paypal address to which we can send your earnings in the edit info section
3. Once you've logged in, you can Facebook like/send, tweet or email using the links below each poll, and your affiliate ID will be attached to track.
3b. Instead of referring individual polls, you can also send your friends this URL for the homepage,

4. Engage your signups by requesting friend status on Socipoll, create polls, vote and comment on their polls.

5. Check your earnings which can also be found under your profile picture on your account homepage, among other pages.

Here is the link for you to see and explore on the site >>>

Some recommended site to join,you are like socializing here too

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